During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly 70% of full-time workers found themselves working from home rather than the office. And after a year and a half of this, most workers say they never want to go back to the office again.

So, how do you keep your team productive? Some of the best collaboration tools on the market can help. When you’re researching what will work best for your team, you’ll definitely need software that has the following features:

  • Project management (for tasks and events)
  • File sharing
  • Chat, audio, and video calling
  • Ability to integrate with other software

Read on to learn more about why these features are so important to have for your team’s collaboration tools.

Chat, Audio, and Video Calling

One of the most important features all the best collaboration tools have is chat, audio, and video calling. Especially with the rise of working from home being the norm, all companies must have some form of this type of communication for their employees.

Whether your team prefers to communicate via video, audio, chat, or even in GIFs, this is the one thing that your best collaboration tools cannot miss.

File Sharing

When people are mostly working from the office, they’ll have easy access to the in-house servers. However, when it comes to file sharing when working from home, all of the best team collaboration tools should have an option for file sharing within the tool itself.

The best cloud collaboration tools will have an integrated file sharing system akin to the one your team will see in-office. With proper naming conventions, finding the folder or file needed by any one person or team is easy!

Project Management (for Tasks and Events)

Whether your team adheres to an agile framework or your own system of getting stuff done, project management for tasks and events is an absolute key to any collaboration tool. With a good project management system in place, everyone on the team knows exactly where all of the projects stand. You can flag something for help, mark it as in progress or incomplete, and tag others to get information or feedback.

And not only is this great for keeping track of tasks, but if you’re hosting an event, like a conference, a project management system keeps all of your information in one place. With the best collaboration tools, you’ll be able to point anyone looking for specific info to the same place every time. No more hunting down links and keywords in your email!

Integrations Galore

One last thing that all of the best collaboration tools have is integrations. For example, if your team mostly communicates with customers via Slack, you’ll want a collaboration tool that can work with Slack, as well.

Need to book a meeting? Integration between Google Calendar and your collaboration tool makes it happen in a snap.

The Best Collaboration Tools Are Ones You’ll Use

Whether you’re looking for just a place for your team members to be able to have chat, audio, and video calling, or you just need project management for tasks and events or file sharing, the best collaboration tools for your team will always be the one that your team actually uses.

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