Did you know that 22% of the American workforce will be working remotely by 2025? It’s true that the pandemic caused an uptick in remote work (41.8% currently still work from home), but the fact is, remote work is here to stay!

Because of this, you need better team communication and collaboration tools. That way, you’ll maximize productivity.

If you want to have spontaneous and informal discussions with your team and more, you can do so with Cynoia!

Are you interested in what Cynoia can do for your company? Then read on to find out!

Have Spontaneous and Informal Discussions

Cynoia’s platform is built with a chat function. All you have to do is click on the conversation you wish to join in on, then just get to typing! You can ping the relevant team members so you can get almost instantaneous answers.

This means that whenever you have a spontaneous thought, you and your coworkers can hop right to it within a moment’s notice. You won’t have to bother with switching tabs.

The chat function allows you to share your screens, as well as links, tasks, and files to help one another out. You can even set tasks for one another. It’ll be just like discussing things in real life!

And you won’t have to worry about losing track of your discussions either. You can assign each conversation a topic so you can easily search for it in the future. You can also pin any messages so you can get back to them at the appropriate times.

Another piece of good news is that there’s unlimited message history on our platform. So you won’t have the annoying problem of older messages getting deleted as time goes on.

Get Together for Video Meetings

For more formal meetings, Cynoia can help here as well. Within the chat function, you can either have a one-on-one discussion with an employee or a group meeting.

And considering that 79% of workers think video conferencing is just as productive as in-person meetings (or even more so!), it’s important that the conferences are of high quality. Thankfully, Cynoia ensures that both the visual and audio aspects of your calls are top-notch so you don’t waste time or get frustrated with poor quality or dropped calls.

Voice and screen recordings are also available so you can save important snippets for later!

Schedule Meetings Easily

Within the Cynoia platform, you’ll be able to schedule meetings with a few clicks. You won’t have to deal with the extra step of sending and receiving emails, as with other calendar tools.

The calendar also takes into account each person’s time zones, so there’s no need for do mental gymnastics to figure out who can meet when.

Use a Handy To-Do List

You probably have a busy work schedule and it can be easy to forget a task or two.

Within Cynoia, you’ll be able to neatly add all tasks to a to-do list. You can also prioritize each task and set due dates, which can help immensely in optimizing your workflow.

No matter what device you’re on, and wherever you are, you’ll be able to access this list, so there’s no need to duplicate it across your devices!

Enjoy Integrated Solutions

Does your workforce already use other communication channels, such as LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger? No problem!

Our platform can process messages from all of the above, including your emails as well. So you can find all your communications in one handy place. Without collaborative silos, you’ll be able to communicate effectively with all of your workers, no matter which apps they prefer!

Easy Adoption of the Program

Onboarding new technology can be difficult at times. With a whole new platform, everyone has to spend time getting to learn how to use it. And this can affect productivity.

We at Cynoia understand how important it is for you to adopt technology with as few interruptions to your daily operations as possible. This is why we’ve made our inbox tool look and feel just like Gmail and Outlook!

We’ve also carefully designed this tool to be user-friendly. It’ll be easy for your team members to find the right emails quickly!

Get Great Collaboration Software for Free

You might think: all the above features are great, but what will I have to pay?

The good news is, you can try Cynoia for free, with no credit card required! We have a Discovery plan that’s completely free, so you’ll never have to pay anything. However, there are restrictions, such as a limitation of 20 users, 1 public meeting room, 1 project manager, 50 GB workspace, and 1 integration.

If you’d like more features, then the next plan is the Business plan. It’s $10 per user, per month, and it upgrades you to unlimited users, 10 meeting rooms, 10 project managers, 5 GB per user, and 5 integrations!

There’s also the Enterprise plan, which is still affordable at $16 per user, per month. You’ll get unlimited users, meeting rooms, project managers, and integrations, as well as 20 GB per user.

Sign Up for Cynoia

If your company’s looking to improve its workplace communications and you need a good team collaboration tool that accommodates spontaneous and informal discussions, then why not give Cynoia a try?

Our software can help you immensely with company management. As a result, you can save an average of 20 hours a week! Plus, it can help you connect with all your workers, especially your remote workforce.

And best of all is, you can try out our program for free, without having to give your credit card details!

So sign up now for Cynoia.

By getting on our waitlist, you’ll be one of the first people to try our product!

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