Create an outstanding collaborative workspace with Cynoia!

Cynoia is an all-in-one communication tool that can enhance team productivity and performance significantly. The application is loaded with solid features and advanced facilities to make your job easier.

Here are some ways to take advantage of its critical features.

1) From data Fragmentation to a single, consolidated platform

As businesses add more tools for communication, important information gets lost in silos. It takes a good deal of your time and effort to navigate the different tools and locate the relevant data you need.

Cynoia turns a fragmented data environment into a more streamlined space. The advanced tool acts as an apps hub that allows you to access all communication channels from a single space.

In addition to enabling synchronization with older apps, the application has multiple built-in communication and collaborative features to bring all data into a single screen.

2) Beat the difference in time zones and people availability

Multiple emails and messages are exchanged to organize a meeting with your workforce spread across different geographical locations. Beat the difference in time zones by using Cynoia.

The Calendar feature allows better visibility of available slots for your team members. It automatically considers different time zones and helps with organizing team meetings efficiently.

3) Grab information from social sites

Do you want to share an important company update on different social sites like LinkedIn or Twitter? Are you using social tools to hire new people?

Social platforms are a reliable way to connect with employees and customers. Do it efficiently with Cynoia.

The social media integration function enables you to consolidate your social media tools into a single location. Access different social applications easily and pull data across different platforms efficiently by using the function.

4) Instant gratification

Have an important query? Need an opinion from your teammates? Use our chat feature to connect with your team members through audio and video messages. Team members can collaborate through a single screen.

By using the feature, you can add a topic and let your team members share their views. You can retrieve important information from the topic thread for later use.

The chat function allows easy sharing of screens, webpages, videos, and files. Group sharing of files is another critical aspect of chat.

5) Optimize project performance

The to-do list feature enables optimal task management with a high level of detail. It allows you to organize your tasks, set due dates for your team members, prioritize work, and control the status of the tasks.

Tasks can also be added directly from chat and can be accessed from any location or device.

6) Easy data retrieval

Did you miss an important detail from a colleague? Cynoia offers complete message history to allow you to go back and pick a piece of information you missed. You can also pin messages and come back later to analyze them better.

Key Benefits of Cynoia

Save more time

Save the valuable time that you spend on managing multiple screens and applications. Cynoia allows you to centralize your information and automate your workflows.

Simple and Easy

The different functions of Cynoia are easy to comprehend. The application does not require extensive training. The interface is user-friendly and easily navigable. Clients can access the product tour for better clarity about its features.

Continuous Support

The team helps with queries and delivers support round the clock. Reach out to the experts by sending a mail to [email protected] or connect via their integrated live-chat option.

No hidden costs

Cynoia is an affordable solution that lets you pay only for what you use. There are no hidden or additional costs involved. We offer a simple version of the tool for zero monthly fees.

The free access allows you to explore the facilities included and test compatibility with your team operations.

Enhanced security

Traffic between clients and the database is encrypted using TLS 1.2. We use the AES cipher system for securing all information.

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