According to a survey conducted by FlexJob, 95 percent of their respondents say that their productivity is high when working from home. You can maximize this by making sure your remote team is highly motivated and engaged. In this article, we’ll talk about effective tips to keep your team motivated.

Check-in with your team regularly

If you want to stay connected with all your team members, we encourage managers or team leaders to check in with them constantly. Remember that human beings are social creatures — not having someone to talk to every day can take a toll on your mental health or emotional well-being. You can keep your team engaged by taking advantage of technology. Tools like Cynoia offers communication features such as Chat, Audio and Video Calls. Consider having a group chat or a forum where everyone can ask questions or post anything they want.

Implement a recognition program

Who doesn’t want to be rewarded for a job well done? We all do. If you want to motivate your employees more, then ensure that you implement an employee recognition program. Take time to think about who is eligible to get the rewards, how often they are given, what kind of rewards you intend to give, and have a structure in place. Then make sure that everyone knows about the program and don’t forget to encourage them to participate.

Show that you trust them

Remote work may not be for everyone as some people are just not cut out for it. But if you’re building a team of remote workers, it’s important that you trust them. Otherwise, you would only demotivate them, and they wouldn’t feel valued. If you want your remote team to be always productive at work, ensure that you trust them completely. Of course, you still need to set deadlines and schedules. But make sure that you don’t micromanage them. Just let them do their thing. So long as they are productive and contributing to the growth of your business, then you’re good. To ensure that they do show up during work hours, you can try investing in tools to track their work hours.

Invest in them

Do you want them to improve their skills and become even more productive at work? Consider investing in online courses that can improve their skills. For example, if you have a team of writers, you may want to enroll them in more online writing classes or workshops to develop their writing skills. However, make sure that you don’t make this mandatory as some of your team members may not be interested in the courses that you’re offering. Let them know that it’s optional and that they can take it whenever they want to. LinkedIn Learning or Udemy are good platforms for this.

Always provide feedback

When managing a remote team, it’s a given to always provide feedback on how they are doing. If they’re new employees, consider having monthly, quarterly and annual feedback for them. Ensure that you follow the KKK approach when giving feedback to your team or the Kiss, Kick Kiss approach. First, be very detailed about things they are good at. Appreciate their work and contribution to your company. Then, begin discussing the things that they need to improve on. You may ask them how they can improve themselves or give suggestions. Lastly, always end the feedback with a positive statement.

Share company goals with them

This should be done during the orientation. You can motivate your remote team if they actually know what you are trying to achieve. So make sure that they are aware of what your business goals are. For example, if you’re targeting 100k worth of Conversions for a six-month period, communicate this objective with them. Encourage them to do their best, so you can all reach your business goal. If possible, set up a meeting every week and talk about progress reports or other issues you think are important for your company’s growth.

Plan a Get-Together

This may only be possible to those remote workers in the same location. Once every few months, you may want to set up a real get-together with your remote team so that you can see them face to face. For those working in other parts of the world, consider setting up a virtual meeting for everyone, where you don’t talk about work but just anything under the sun. While you may have to make this optional, encourage everyone to participate. This way, you get to know your team members on a personal level. It can help improve your relationship with your remote team and may even make them more productive.

Communication is always key

Remember that you don’t get to see everyone when you’re working remotely. So it becomes even increasingly important that you always communicate. Cynoia has communication tools available that you can use. Encourage your team to reach out to you or their team members if they have questions or want to clarify something.

Always pay them on Time

Nothing can demotivate employees than late pay. If you want to keep them and motivate them to work harder, ensure that you always pay them on time. If possible, pay them in advance. You may even offer them other benefits such as health insurance if they are within the country. Most remote workers don’t have health insurance included in their benefits — you can go the extra mile and do this for them. It’s one of the most effective ways to keep them motivated.

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